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TD05 16G Turbocharger

TD05 16G Turbocharger

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This is a direct fit TD05 16G Turbocharger for any 1989-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and limited years of the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser as well. This TD05 turbo is brand new and uses a 50 trim compressor to build boost pressure. The lag is not bad depending on the compression and year of your 4G63T engine. It's a cheap upgrade and will get the job done, although if you happen to own a stock 2G DSM, you will need a J pipe kit when removing your stock T25 turbo.

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Billet TD05 turbo

The TD05 16G comes in two variations, the base version and the billet one. If you intend to race your DSM, it's recommended to step up to the billet version. This billet TD05 upgrade comes with an upgraded center cartridge that's been upgraded for a long life of racing service. It will decrease your turbo lag and allow the turbo to cool off more efficiently, which will decrease oil slag and buildup.

This turbo is a great option for those with a 1G DSM or 1989-1994 Eclipse, Talon or Laser. It's a better choice brand new than a junkyard option, and using the billet version of this turbo we've put down 298 to the wheels @ 21 PSI on a stock shortblock. This also happens to be the turbo's threshold, as any more boost will prematurely kill this turbocharger.

Billet TD05 turbo

As far as offshore 16G turbochargers go this one is a better deal than many and will last with the proper maintenance. It uses a standard journal bearing style of center cartridge and the internal wastegate is set to 12 pounds.

On the hot side of this 16G turbo sits a 77 trim exhaust trim wheel with an overall A/R of 0.70. It's fairly larger than your standard small 16G and can be ported for more efficiency. If you aren't sure what these figures mean, or want to learn the turbo basics check out our guide here.

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