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HP Tuners 6013 - VCM Suite MPVI Standard Packages

HP Tuners 6013 - VCM Suite MPVI Standard Packages

HP Tuners

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HP Tuners provide performance at your fingertips, and their MPVI hardware raises the bar on cross-platform vehicle tuning, licensing flexibility, and user features for more horsepower! HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI Pro packages are easy to use and have all of the features found in their Standard packages.

VCM Editor and Scanner unlock your vehicle's full potential by allowing you to save, modify, view, chart, and log data. So, what's the Pro part?

You can integrate 0-5 V signals from various sensors--EGT, wideband, fuel pressure, and the like--right into the scanner. You'll have real-time data from those sensors right next to your standard scan tool data, such as TPS, rpm, and mph. Whether your machine is stock or serious, tweaking and tuning its computer is a great benefit. Gain performance with the only tuning tools you'll ever need--VCM Suite MPVI Pro packages.

Off road use only. Please be aware that this is a powerful programming tool. It will unlock the onboard ECU on the vehicle being tuned to the point where an inexperienced tuner may inflict engine damage accidentally. 

There are no built-in safeties.

Comes with eight Ford credits. Tuner will also support GM vehicles with purchase of GM credits. Supports three valve engines only.

Learn how to shop for the right aftermarket tuner, or read about how to dyno tune your vehicle. No matter what you are tuning for, power or gas mileage you need the right aftermarket computer to get the job done.

Have any questions about your vehicle and whether or not this HP Tuners computer will work for it? Give us a call or email us at

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