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HKS GT Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Sport Turbo Upgrade

HKS GT Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Sport Turbo Upgrade


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One of the most popular HKS turbo kit applications for the Lancer Evolution X. This is a brand new replacement type HKS Sports Turbo Kit for your Evo. Genuine HKS performance in a high performance ball bearing turbo.

The HKS Sport Turbo kit uses the HKS GT II7460 KAI turbo. Featuring a large size compressor and exhaust side wheels, it has high flow capacity as well as quick response by ball bearing.

HKS turbo kit dyno


The twin scroll turbocharger layout allows for fast spool and maximum horsepower. Excellent as a bolt on upgrade for your Evolution X, its one of the best choices for upping your boost. The HKS GT Sport turbo also features larger bypass ports that allow for improved control of exhaust pressure at high speed.

The HKS turbo kit also reduces load on the engine and overall engine response. Because of this design it allows for lower heat and superior heat dissipation. Stabilization of your turbo pressure can even out your Evolution torque range and increase horsepower reliably. 


If you are wondering how to install your turbo kit or you want to learn the basics of turbo kit performance, subscribe now to My Pro Street. You'll need to install a boost gauge to monitor the pressure in your Evolution intake. Other modifications include an intercooler kit and additional fuel upgrades to keep up with your increase in boost pressure. Installation of this Evolution turbo kit should also include a trip to your local dyno to properly tune your Mitsubishi.

Want to learn more about your Evolution? Subscribe to My Pro Street to get all the latest in tech tips and How To guides.

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