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GT2860 T25 Flange Turbocharger

GT2860 T25 Flange Turbocharger

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When you want the ideal mix of performance and cost, this GT2860 turbo is an excellent choice for any platform. It's a bolt on affair for most KA-T turbo manifolds as well as adaptable to the SR20DET engine. For this reason it's one of the best turbo choices for the Nissan 240SX or Silvia. 

It's built on a water cooled and oil jacketed center cartridge for maximum longevity and service. It will also require a five-bolt exhaust flange for proper turbo seal. This GT2860 T25 Flange Turbocharger is a standard thrust bearing design and gives you excellent response from a KA24DE. 

GT2860 Garret Style Turbo

Looking for 240SX tech tips or How To Guides? Learn more about the KA24DE at My Pro Street, our online community that's stood since 1999. This Garrett style turbo is controlled by an internal wastegate. You can get creative to remove the internal wastegate flapper and install an external one if you wish.

This GT2860 T25 Flange turbocharger is also a low profile design, and will fit into tight spaces and engine bays like the 240SX or the S2000. When you are building a turbo kit for your naturally aspirated vehicle, this is one of the best turbos available. With the proper maintenance this turbo has served many of our customers extremely well and provides them with an excellent turbocharger choice for the money. 

Have any questions about this GT2860 T25 Flange turbo? Send us a message or leave us a comment below and we'll be glad to assist you.

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