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2001-2002 Toyota Corolla Duraflex Blits FRP Front Bumper

2001-2002 Toyota Corolla Duraflex Blits FRP Front Bumper


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One of the oldest and most trusted names in the body kit business is Extreme Dimensions, known for delivering low cost, highly durable aero body components.

Originators of the Duraflex line, Extreme Dimensions is one of our most trusted manufacturers who stands behind their products and fitment.

Their front bumper lineup is one of the most durable we've ever seen and quite honestly for the price of this bumper on a daily driven vehicle, it's a no brainer.

Using the the latest in fiberglass materials and manufacturing processes, ED is one of the largest aerodynamics manufacturers in the world. When purchasing an Extreme Dimensions product, know that you are buying quality and service because we wouldn't sell you anything less.

Extreme Dimensions is the exclusive manufacturer of the Duraflex line of products. Duraflex is a new hybrid composite material that Extreme Dimensions created that offers outstanding flexibility and durability.

If you are driving your race car or vehicle on a daily basis, you would do well to consider the Duraflex line of body kit components.

Duraflex is a popular aerodynamics body kit brand that’s owned and operated by the Extreme Dimensions company, a world leader in the aftermarket body kit segment. Capable of manufacturing in-house with a 50,000 sq foot facility located in Fullerton CA, Extreme Dimensions has grown into one of the most reputable body brands in the industry.

These Duraflex front bumpers are simply one of the best bang for buck values in the body kit market today. Never fear your driveway again with a front bumper made from Extreme Dimension's Duraflex material.

A catalog of over 8,000 products and new vehicles and fitments being released each and every year, Extreme Dimensions continues to carry the brand Duraflex, their high quality fiberglass material. The Duraflex fiberglass is some of the toughest fiberglass we’ve ever seen, and we’ve rebuild and repaired front bumpers, rear bumpers and much more. Perfect for the missle drifter or even guys who just love being slammed to the ground, Duraflex is more than capable of standing up to the everyday rigors of your local streets.

We've tested these on customer cars and even had several survive low speed impacts. Because Duraflex is workable as well as repairable, you would be shocked to see some of the front bumpers we've repaired.

Duraflex is a trusted name brand and used in body kits distributed by Extreme Dimensions around the world, in such countries as North America, Europe, Asia, as well as South America. Built from a small operation in the late 90s, Extreme Dimensions has continued to build their brand, stemming from excellent customer service and a true dedication to their customers.

What is the Extreme Dimension Duraflex? This cutting edge blend of proprietary fiberglass mix produces a body kit that can withstand abuse that most high-dollar body kits would fold at. Whereas other fiberglass kits are easy to break, chip and even shatter at the first hint of trouble, Duraflex takes a beating and asks “Is that all you got?”

Every Duraflex body component is throughly inspected at the Extreme Dimensions facility before shipment, and packaged to protect it during transit. Extreme Dimensions quality control is very stringent meaning our customers will receive a quality product that’s free from deformation or fitment issues.

Many customers are surprised to see the level of quality they receive at the price they’ve paid, after all who wants to spend a fortune on a body kit when you don’t have to? Because Extreme Dimensions controls this Duraflex mixture, they can apply more or less of each fiberglass and polyurethane, which gives them total control over flexibility and durability.

Features of the Duraflex brand:

•Top notch quality 6 oz . Fiberglass that’s thicker and more durable (up to 25%) than traditional fiberglass aerodynamics
Primered and ready for paint
If applications calls for it, a high quality mesh screen grill is included.
Hardware Kit is included

Duraflex Product Guarantee

Pro Street’s customer satisfaction guarantee for any Duraflex body kit is pretty simple. If you are not satisfied with your order within 30 days of purchase, simply return your item for a full refund. Original shipping costs and delivery fees are not refundable, products are not refundable if bolted on or modified in any way whatsoever.

As with all of our body kit parts, it is strongly recommended that you have an experienced body shop install your Duraflex body component, and that they have experience working with fiberglass. Understand that there may be additional install fees to make things fit just the way you want them to. This is a normal part of installing fiberglass products onto your car, Refunds or credits are not released for minor fitment issues that can be resolved by most body shops.

All body kits are meant for off-road use only and are not for use on public roads.

How To Paint Your Duraflex Body Kit

All Duraflex brand body parts should be prepared before installation, this may include sanding or shaving away any gelcoat chips or surface scratches and scrapes.
Duraflex body panels are primered with a base coat that’s meant to aid in removing the bumper from the mold. This should not be your surfacing layer of primer, and you should apply another coat of base primer as well as the clear.

Professional installation recommended.

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