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BLOX VTEC Solenoid Cover


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These CNC machined VTEC Solenoid Covers from BLOX are an excellent way to dress up your engine bay. Perfect to compliment your Honda show car or give your SOHC or DOHC engine bay that extra flair, these VTEC solenoid covers are high quality engine bay accessories. 

When you are planning a VTEC swap or you want to build a reliable LS VTEC, we've got several guides to help you at My Pro Street. These covers slide over your VTEC solenoid and allow you to give your VTEC engine that extra pop.

How To Install a VTEC Solenoid

Of course if you need help and want to learn how to install a VTEC solenoid, we've got you covered. And as you might expect one of the most popular articles in our DIY collection is troubleshooting your VTEC. Our Top Ten Reasons why VTEC doesn't work guide can help you figure out why VTEC isn't kicking in.

This BLOX VTEC Solenoid Cover is made from billet aluminum and comes anodized in a variety of colors. Each cover is crafted for perfect fitment and anodized for a durable and long lasting finish.  When you are swapping a Honda engine into your Civic and don't know which Honda swap is the best, or want to replace your rusty VTEC solenoid cover.

VTEC Solenoid

Ugly VTEC solenoid covers or rusted ones are common issues in JDM swaps or ones that have been sitting around for quite some time. Eliminate that ugly looking VTEC solenoid by installing one of these BLOX VTEC solenoid covers.

The BLOX VTEC Solenoid Cover is made for the following VTEC engines ;

  • USDM Honda D-series SOHC VTEC
  • Acura B-series DOHC VTEC
  • Honda F-series DOHC VTEC
  • Honda F-series SOHC VTEC
  • Honda H-series DOHC VTEC

These BLOX Racing solenoid covers are easy to install and can be put on with just a few hand tools. Please select the color you want your VTEC cover to come in. Have any questions about what Honda swaps fit what car and what mounts to use? Want to learn more about how to tune your VTEC or wire up VTEC in your car? 

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