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BLOX Spherical Shift Knob - 142


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The BLOX Spherical shift knob is one of the highest quality shift knobs money can buy. CNC machined from a single block of billet aluminum, these shift knobs are machined for a precision fit. Also known as the 142™ Spherical shift knob, the BLOX Racing shift knob is available in 10 x 1.5 pitch thread. 

Tipping the scales at 142 grams, the 142™ Spherical shift knob from BLOX Racing is an excellent choice to upgrade your interior. Enjoy superior shifting and smoother gear engagement with the positive feedback you will get from this BLOX Spherical Shift Knob.

Available in eight different finishes, the BLOX shift knob is anodized to give you a wide range of colors. Each one of these BLOX Racing shift knobs measure 47mm. If you want a step up in weight and performance, BLOX Racing also offers a heavier spherical shift knob. This style of spherical shift knob is also available in a 490 gram weighted version for even better shifting performance.

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