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BLOX Racing has long been a name synonymous with affordable, high quality Honda performance parts, and they've just released their SL Sport muffler lineup. These universal mufflers are high quality units designed to increase your engine exhaust flow, and decrease back pressure for high performance engines. 

Whether you've got a Honda engine swap or you are installing a VTEC turbo kit, these mufflers are a cheap alternative. Enthusiasts with a modified VTEC engine or just a reliable LS VTEC build can also benefit from these universal BLOX SL Sport mufflers.

Don't waste your time installing exhaust headers without also upgrading your exhaust system. Because these are just the muffler, the BLOX SL Sport muffler is affordable, lightweight and easy to install. BLOX Racing makes these SL Sport mufflers from T304 stainless steel for a long life of service and durability. Each SL Sport muffler comes with a high flow stainless steel T409 perforated core.

The mesh inside the BLOX SL Sport muffler is made from T430 weave, which can withstand up to 800-degrees F. If you are building a turbo VTEC engine, there aren't many street mufflers that are cheaper or better than these all new BLOX SL Sport units. 

All BLOX Racing SL Sport Mufflers feature handsome, embossed logos and emit deep/low exhaust notes.So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your exhaust today with this handsome canister and get rid of that stock exhaust.

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