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Blox Racing EGR Block Off Plate


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The Blox Racing EGR Block Off Plate is one of the most popular Honda engine accessories, and is a must have for any show car contender. Whether your Honda EGR has failed or you simply want to delete the EGR in your VTEC or non VTEC Honda engine, this block off plate is an excellent choice.

The EGR in your Honda is also known as the Exhaust gas re-circulation system. It's primary function in your Honda to to recycle and scavenge exhaust gases and reroute them back into the combustion chamber. While this is a great product to protect the environment and ensure that you pass emissions tests, it's counter intuitive to making power or modifying your Honda engine.

This sharp looking EGR block off plate from BLOX Racing gives you an incredibly flexible method to eliminate your EGR valve. Easy to install and available in a variety of colors, this EGR block off plate is a great way to add a little bit of color and style to your engine bay. 

How to Test your Honda EGR

If you have a problem with your Honda EGR valve, you can use our How To Guide to test your EGR. When your EGR valve has failed you can replace it or ditch it in favor of this stylish billet BLOX Racing EGR block off valve.

This Honda engine modification will cause your vehicle to fail your local emissions test. Before installing this block off plate for your EGR, make sure you recognize that this part is for off-road use only. These CNC machined block off EGR plates for your Honda Accord or Prelude come in 8 different anodized looks that can set off your engine bay.

Whether you've got a wire tuck in place or want to show off that turbo manifold, this BLOX Racing EGR Block Off Plate is a great addition.

Most common application: Honda engines with EGR. Have any questions about this EGR block off plate? Leave us a comment below and let us know! Want more tech tips and DIY articles on your Honda? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe for all the latest in tech tips, DIY tutorials and How To Guides.


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