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Blackworks K Series TPS Sensor

Blackworks K Series TPS Sensor


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Perfect when the K series TPS sensor in your car has gone out, this replacement TPS from Blackworks can get you back on the road. These K series throttle position sensors are engineered for a perfect fit each and every time, and save you from having to buy a new throttle body. 

Installing this potentiometer onto your DOHC i-VTEC engine fixes any issues you might have with your TPS. The Blackworks K series TPS sensor is a brand new unit that gives you the cost benefits of replacing your own TPS. In order to install this K series TPS sensor however, you will need to a guide showing you how to calibrate it.

This guide here shows you How To test a RSX throttle sensor, and it's all you need in order to calibrate this replacement K series TPS sensor. In order to complete the install of this Blackworks K20 TPS sensor, you'll need to use a digital multimeter to dial in the range of movement in your K series throttle body.

Acura RSX TPS Sensor testing guideBecause you won't need to install a new Honda throttle body, this Blackworks TPS sensor can save you some serious money. Instead of a $300+ dollar repair, restoring your throttle body operation in your K series engine can be done for less than $50. The 
DIY guide at My Pro Street can help you calibrate and install your replacement throttle position sensor.

When you own a Honda or Acura with the DOHC i-VTEC engine in it, one of the more obvious signs of trouble is your check engine light. When you see this warning light in your RSX, TSX, Civic or Element instrument cluster, you will need to use a OBDII scan tool to check the code and clear it.

This Blackworks replacement TPS sensor is also great for getting your K series swap done, especially if you've imported a JDM engine as the donor. Shipping a JDM engine overseas can be problematic, and lead to the damage of several different sensors like your throttle sensor. Because of this reason, replacing your throttle position sensor is also very common on JDM engines sourced from overseas. That's why it's important to know what to look out for when you want to buy a JDM motor.

Blackworks has a high level of quality control that ensures this K Series TPS sensor is one of the best on the market. If you are considering a K series swap or you are wondering what the best Honda swap is for your car, don't waste time with another throttle sensor. Install this Blackworks TPS sensor and get your Honda engine swap done fast.

Acura RSX TPS Sensor

The Blackworks K series TPS sensor fits the following years, makes and models. It's perfect to restore your throttle sensor operation, and it's way cheaper than any dealership will charge you for a replacement throttle body.

2013 - 2013 ACURA ILX 
2002 - 2006 ACURA RSX
2004 - 2008 ACURA TSX
2009 - 2012 ACURA TSX
2003 - 2007 HONDA ACCORD
2008 - 2012 HONDA ACCORD
2002 - 2005 HONDA CIVIC 
2006 - 2011 HONDA CIVIC 
2012 - 2014 HONDA CIVIC 
2002 - 2006 HONDA CR-V 
2007 - 2012 HONDA CR-V 
2003 - 2011 HONDA ELEMENT


If you already own a Honda or Acura with the K series engine in it, from the K20 to the K24 servicing the TPS sensor is relatively easy. Because it's placed at the front of the vehicle, you shouldn't have much issue accessing the K series TPS sensor or the wiring.

Do you have any questions about your K series or the TPS sensor in it? Need more tech tips about your Honda? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe to get all the latest tech tips and How To Guides and automotive news.

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