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Blackworks B Series TPS Sensor

Blackworks B Series TPS Sensor


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The TPS is one of the most common sensors in a B series Honda engine swap to break and require replacement. Whether you are installing a B16, B18 LS or a B18C1 this throttle sensor is engineered to be a drop in replacement. When you are installing this unit however you will require a guide to help your calibrate it.

Blackworks makes this easy to do with this replacement B series throttle sensor. This part can help you save money and time, without having to buy an expensive Integra throttle body. When you are calibrating your B series Honda swapped Civic, you can use our How To Guide at My Pro Street.

Honda Civic TPS sensor guide

Whether you are fixing your Acura Integra or 1999-2000 Honda Civic SI, this Blackworks sensor can get the job done. Of course if you are wondering which Honda engine swap is the best bang for your buck, take a look at our Top Ten Honda engine swap guide, you might be surprised at our leading engine.

Don't forget that when you are installing a B series TPS sensor replacement, you will need a digital multimeter to dial in the range of movement in your B series throttle sensor. Instead of wasting money on a $300+ dollar B series throttle sensor repair, you can correct your TPS sensor using this Blackworks unit for less than $50.

The DIY guide at My Pro Street can help you calibrate and install your replacement throttle position sensor. Of course if you own a Acura Integra with a B series in it built after the year of 1995, you will also require a OBDII scan tool to check the code and clear it. Do this after you've replaced your B series TPS sensor to get rid of your Integra check engine light.

This Blackworks replacement throttle sensor is also an excellent choice for completing your B series swap. If you've sourced a B series from a JDM engine importer, chances are you will need to check over your sensors. The TPS sensor is a commonly broken item and one that should be checked before you begin your engine swap. Replacing your TPS sensor in a B series is also very common on JDM engines sourced from overseas. That's why it's important to know what to look out for when you want to buy a JDM motor.

Not sure how to identify your B16 engine? Check out our guide at My Pro Street. This replacement B series Blackworks TPS sensor will fit the following vehicles.

1994 - 2001 ACURA INTEGRA 
1990 - 1993 ACURA INTEGRA 
1992 - 1993 ACURA INTEGRA 
1999 - 2000 HONDA CIVIC SI

Need more information on this B series TPS Sensor? Own a non-VTEC Acura Integra and need to know how to build a reliable LS VTEC? or how to build a LS VTEC engine? Check out our guides and more by subscribing to My Pro Street to get all the latest tech tips and How To Guides and automotive news.

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