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Aeromotive Stealth 340 Fuel Pump

Aeromotive Stealth 340 Fuel Pump


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One of the biggest names in performance fuel upgrades, the all new Stealth 340 fuel pump is the ultimate fuel supply solution from Aeromotive. When this pump first debuted at the SEMA Auto Show, we loved the compact design and high flow rate. The Stealth 340 fuel pump was a huge success but it left out those who wanted to use E85 as an alternative choice of fuel. Now answering the call is the newly released 340 LPH pump from Aeromotive, which gives you the ultimate choice for fuel pump upgrades.

This Stealth 340 fuel pump delivers 340 LPH and is rated for use in E85 fuel systems.When converting to E85, many people were forced to turn to expensive inline pumps that required you to convert and cut your fuel lines. 

Aeromotive E85 fuel pump

Aeromotive engineers upgraded the old design and now gives you superior fuel flow in one small form factor. Utilizing carbon brushes that can withstand E-85 fuel, the encapsulated armature is fully sealed and embossed with an excellent anodized finish.

Whether you prefer to use traditional gas or want to turn to E85, the Stealth 340 fuel pump has you covered. Because these pumps come with different inlet and outlet designs and positioning, you are given a flexible solution that's hard to beat. 

Each Aeromotive drop in stealth fuel pump comes with the wiring pigtail connector. This connector is both weatherproof and rated to handle the demands of E85 fuel. Each and every Stealth 340 fuel pump comes embossed with a signature A to signify a genuine part. 

Compatible with both standard pump gas and E85, the new 340 stealth retains many of the features found in the original 340 fuel pump.

New 340 Stealth Pump part numbers can be found below:

  • 11540 – Fuel Pump, E85, Center inlet, 340lph 
  • 11541 – Fuel Pump, E85, Offset inlet 340lph 
  • 11542 – Fuel Pump, E85, Offset Inlet – Inlet inline w/ outlet, 340lph 
  • 11569 – Fuel Pump, E85, GM, 340lph 

This level of quality, performance and flow is unmatched so far. If you are looking for serious power in your E85 conversion, why look anywhere else? Want more tech tips and How To Articles for E85 or your fuel pump install? Subscribe to My Pro Street to get all the latest in DIY tutorials and automotive news.

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