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2008 Lexus RX330 MAF Sensor

2008 Lexus RX330 MAF Sensor


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This is a direct fit replacement RX330 MAF Sensor for your 3.3 liter Lexus SUV. Upgraded internals and a glass film coated hotwire element provides improved durability over the factory unit. The same sample speed and measurement performance that your Lexus engine computer needs, this part is installed into your intake piping. 

If you believe that your mass air flow sensor has gone bad, you'll need a DIY testing guide. Use our How To guide at My Pro Street to properly test your Lexus RX330 airflow sensor. When your MAF goes out one of the early warning signs you'll see is your RX330 check engine light.

How To Test a RX330 MAF Sensor

There's a few tools you will need when you see your Lexus check engine light turn on. The first is of course a OBDII scan tool to pull out your stored DTC trouble codes. This device can plug into your Lexus and tell you what the trouble is in your vehicle. 

The second device is a digital multimeter. This is a simple device that will allow you to read the voltage at the wires of your MAF sensor. Using this tool you'll be able to troubleshoot your airflow sensor and determine what is the problem with it. Don't forget that your Lexus RX330 MAF sensor also  houses your Intake Air Temperature sensor as well.

This replacement Lexus RX330 MAF sensor is optimized and designed to restore your engine operation. It's manufactured to meet or exceed all of your manufacturer specifications. However it is not sold with the MAF housing, which means you will need to disconnect your RX330 MAF sensor from the tube that connects to the rest of your intake system.

This OEMSPEC RX330 MAF sensor is built for maximum performance and reliability. It's upgraded with a platinum wire sensing element, which will respond faster than your factory component. Have any questions about your RX330 MAF sensor? Want to learn more about your Lexus RX330? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe for all the latest in tech tips and How To Guides.

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