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2005 Mercedes Benz E350 MAF Sensor

2005 Mercedes Benz E350 MAF Sensor


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Otherwise known as the mass air flow meter, the E350 MAF sensor in your Mercedes-Benz is there to read the amount of air that's coming into your engine. This vane style sensor is in place to read information about the air, and provide your Mercedes Benz engine computer with the proper signal. Based on this signal your E350 will know how much fuel to deliver and determine how well your engine is running.

Our replacement E350 MAF sensor gives you a bolt in solution that's designed to meet or exceed Mercedes Benz specifications. Based on this OE technology, this Bosch replacement air flow meter provides the correct function that your engine computer expects for emission compliance and efficient engine operation.

If you need a guide on how to replace your E350 MAF sensor, we have the How To Guide at our online community My Pro Street. If you happen to notice that your E350 check engine light is on, we have a full collection of OBDII scan tools for you to retrieve your Diagnostic Trouble Code.

E350 MAF sensor replacement

This is a HFM mass air flow meter, which is a precisely manufactured part that's designed to help operate your 3.5 liter V6 engine. When the signal from this mass air flow meter falls outside of the range expected by your Mercedes Benz engine computer, it will trigger a check engine light. The variation specified by Mercedes Benz is 5%, which speaks to the precise operation of your E350 MAF sensor.

Because of the custom intake piping and ducting, you will require removal of the upper engine cover to access the E350 MAF sensor. This sensor clips into the intake manifold mounts, and is fairly easy to remove and access. 

Have any questions about this E350 MAF sensor? Want more information, tech tips and guides on your Mercedes? Head over to My Pro Street to get all the latest in DIY articles and How To tutorials and subscribe today.

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