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2005 Acura RSX Fuel Injector

2005 Acura RSX Fuel Injector


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This is a direct fit replacement RSX Fuel Injector for your  Acura. It's designed to deliver the right amount of fuel as your factory unit, and get your RSX or K series swap back on the road. When the fuel injectors in your K20 engine go bad, you are going to have a bad engine misfire condition. This misfire can typically trigger your Acura RSX check engine light to turn on.

When your Acura CEL is on, you need a OBDII scan tool to rad the stored trouble code. And of course when your check engine light shows a engine misfire condition, you'll need the right DIY guide to test your RSX fuel injectors. Luckily for you our guides at My Pro Street can help you test the injectors one by one.

You can easily determine the nature of your fuel injector fault as well as locate the bad RSX fuel injector. Our DIY Guide will show you How To Test a RSX fuel injector using a simple digital multimeter.

Acura RSX fuel injector

Each one of our RSX fuel injectors are sold individually. They are flow matched and bench tested to ensure smooth fuel delivery. Every single Acura RSX fuel injector comes with the hardware required to install and replace your failed part. 

These are all 100% brand new Acura RSX fuel injectors. They are flow balanced to reduce fuel injector clogging and reduce emissions. All of the fuel injectors feature a stainless steel spring assembly that's designed to resist corrosion. Large diameter ports are embossed to combat fuel clogging and particulate matter in fuel that's less than ideal.

All of our RSX fuel injectors are precision wound to ensure long life and optimum performance. As a direct fit for your Acura RSX or K20 engine swap, there's no better alternative. These brand new RSX fuel injectors come with high temp viton o-rings to provide a positive seal and ensure proper fuel delivery. 

If you are looking for more information on the K series engine swap, or you are looking for Honda engine swap tips, subscribe now to My Pro Street. Our guides can help you pick out the or just learn more about your K series engine. 

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