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2004 Honda CRV Ignition Coil


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Responsible for igniting your combustion chamber, your Honda CRV ignition coil is a vital part of your 2.4 liter K series engine. This coil is mounted under the upper 2.4 liter engine cover, and you'll need to remove the 10mm nuts to access the coil and wiring.

If you are having misfire problems or poor spark in your vehicle, make sure to check out My Pro Street, our how-to and DIY website dedicated to helping you fix your car. Testing your Honda ignition coil is easy to do especially with our easy to use how-to article

Replacing your Honda CRV coil is easy to do, as there's just one 10mm bolt that secures the coil in place to your valve cover. Once you find out which coil is giving your CRV misfire issues, go ahead and replace it with a OEMSPEC unit.



Of course the 2.4 liter engine in your CRV shares a lot in common with the Acura RSX. This ignition coil is connected by way of a three pin weather proof connector and it's comprised of power, ground and signal wires. 

To test your coil you will need to use a multimeter, which allows you to read voltages and check for continuity The first part of testing your Honda CRV ignition coil is of course checking your wiring harness for power and ground. 

The last part of our test is to check for continuity between the ignition coil and your Honda CRV ECU. For more information, check out our How To Guide here.

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