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2004 Acura RSX TPS Sensor

2004 Acura RSX TPS Sensor


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Mounted in your throttle body, the RSX TPS sensor acts as a potentiometer that reads how far your throttle blade has opened. The RSX TPS sensor is also called the throttle position sensor in your K series engine, and it's a big part of your K20 EFI system.

Problems with your RSX TPS sensor can cause serious issues with your K series engine and how it runs. Some of the more common Acura RSX problems when you've got a bad TPS include idle issues, inconsistent throttle response or your RSX won't start. 

When you aren't sure if your K20 throttle position sensor is the culprit, you can use our handy How To Guide to test it. This guide to test your RSX TPS sensor requires the use of a digital multimeter to measure the signal wires at each TPS connector.

Acura RSX TPS Sensor testing guideInstead of installing a new Honda throttle body, you can install a replacement
Honda TPS sensor. Our DIY guide can help you calibrate and install your replacement throttle body sensor as well.

One of the most obvious RSX problems you will see when your TPS goes out is the Acura RSX check engine light. When you see this warning light in your RSX instrument cluster, you will need to use a OBDII scan tool to check the code and clear it.


When you have determined that your throttle sensor has failed, you can use our replacement RSX TPS sensor to get your RSX or K series swap back on the road. Replacing your throttle position sensor is also very common on JDM engines sourced from overseas. That's why it's important to know what to look out for when you want to buy a JDM motor.

All our of RSX TPS sensor units are bench tested to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.  The K series engine in your Acura RSX is one of the best Honda swaps available, and with i-VTEC has a tremendous amount of potential.

Acura RSX TPS Sensor

These throttle position sensors are 100% brand new and not re-manufactured which make them optimal replacements for your Acura. You can save money by replacing just the throttle position sensor and not the entire throttle body in your RSX.

The forward placement of the Acura RSX intake manifold and throttle body makes it easy for you to locate, test and replace your RSX TPS. Have any more questions about your RSX TPS? Need more tech tips on your Acura RSX or the K series? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe to get all the latest tech tips and How To Guides and automotive news.

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