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2003 Ford Focus Crank Sensor

2003 Ford Focus Crank Sensor


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One of the most vital parts of your ZETEC engine, the Focus crank sensor is a common cause when your Focus won't start. This direct fit variable resistance style crank angle sensor is a direct fit for your 2.0 liter or 2.3 liter engine. The Focus crank sensor is easy to replace once you have access to the front of your engine.

Designed for a plug and play installation, this Focus crank sensor is tested to ensure proper operation. Each sensor is bench tested to ensure proper identification of the crankshaft position. This sensor sends the signal as a resistance value to the ignition control module. 

When your Focus is turning off randomly or takes a long time to start, you can easily test the operation and function of your Focus crank sensor. This will require you to use a digital multimeter to measure the voltage coming from this sensor to your engine computer. If you need a guide on how to test your Ford Focus crank sensor, our How To Guide located at My Pro Street can help you. 

Test your Focus crank sensor


When this Focus crank sensor starts to go out, there's several common Focus issues you will see. Some of these can range from annoying to highly dangerous. For this reason when you have a OBDII Diagnostic Trouble code for your crank sensor, you should not drive your Focus. 

Test the Focus crank sensor first and replace it before driving. Of course if you have a stored OBDII diagnostic trouble code, you will need a scan tool to clear your Focus check engine light. Without the proper crank sensor signal from your Focus, your Ford ignition control module or engine control module won't know how to operate your engine.

Whereas most crank angle sensors are a hall effect sensor, the Focus crank sensor is a variable resistance style. Because of this reason you must make sure that your Ford battery and alternator are in good working condition.

Ignition misfire is also a common symptom of a bad Focus crank sensor. Some of the other Focus issues also include ;

  • Focus hard start condition
  • ZETEC intermittently shuts off
  • Bad fuel economy
  • Focus check engine light illuminated 

This replacement Focus crank sensor is designed for proper positioning and operation to restore engine function and get your Ford back on the road. Have any questions about this part? Want more DIY guides on the Ford Focus? Subscribe to My Pro Street to get all the latest in tech tips, How To Guides and DIY articles.

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