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2003 Acura RSX Alternator

2003 Acura RSX Alternator


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These brand new alternator units are a direct fit replacement for your Acura RSX. When the alternator in your RSX goes bad, you'll need to replace it. If you don't know how to service your Acura RSX alternator, you can use our handy guide here at My Pro Street.

Our guide to replacing your Acura RSX alternator is easy to follow,  and simple to do. This DIY guide gives you a quick way to restore the charging power in your RSX. If you find that your RSX battery is drained or you have no power after you shut off your Acura, you will need a brand new RSX alternator.

Acura RSX alternator

By quickly and easily replacing your alternator, you can recharge your Acura battery. These new alternators are designed to provide the correct current and amp output necessary to power your Acura RSX.

These brand new Acura RSX alternators do not require a core charge. They are brand new units and are perfect fit replacements. Manufactured with superior components and processes to ensure maximum life and performance.

  • Engineered to deliver amp output for power that meets or exceeds the original equipment on your vehicle
  • Every unit is built with 100% NEW components that are designed to meet the highest quality standards
  • Every unit is triple tested (component, subassembly and end of line) to ensure quality and performance

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