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2002 Acura RSX Intake Air Temperature Sensor

2002 Acura RSX Intake Air Temperature Sensor


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Direct fit replacement RSX intake air temperature sensor for your Acura. Meant to fit all 2.0 liter K20 engines with i-VTEC. When you see your RSX check engine light on and the OBDII scan tool tells you that your RSX IAT sensor is at fault, this brand new unit can take care of the issue.

The IAT sensor reads the temperature of your incoming air charge. Using this data your RSX engine computer can properly gauge how much more or less fuel to deliver. Because colder air is denser air, there will need to be more fuel for proper efficient operation.

If your RSX IAT sensor is bad and need replacing, this is easy enough to do. Learn how to replace the RSX intake temperature sensor using our guide at My Pro Street.

Acura RSX IAT Sensor


This two pin sensor is easily replaced using hand tools and a 10mm socket. If you are looking for more How To Guides and DIY articles on the Acura RSX, head over to My Pro Street.

Whether it's a K series engine swap or you want to modify your K20, we've got the tutorials you want. Subscribe to My Pro Street for all the latest in tech tips and DIY automotive guides.

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