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2000 Toyota Camry Rear Oxygen Sensor

2000 Toyota Camry Rear Oxygen Sensor


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The rear oxygen sensor in your Toyota is responsible for monitoring the operation of your catalytic converter. When your cat fails or there's another issue with your emissions equipment, your secondary or downstream O2 sensor will read high hydrocarbon content in your exhaust stream. Once this happens your Toyota engine computer will trigger and store a OBDII DTC trouble code.

This will turn your Camry check engine light on, and when this happens you'll need a OBDII scan tool to check your stored engine codes. If you have a OBDII trouble code for your secondary or downstream oxygen sensor, you need to test it to make sure that your sensor is the one that's failed and not your cat.

In order to do this, you'll need a DIY article on how to test your rear Camry O2 sensor. Lucky for your our online community at My Pro Street has what you need. Our DIY tutorial will show you how to test the downstream Camry oxygen sensor using just a multimeter.

Testing a Camry rear O2 sensor

This replacement Toyota Camry rear oxygen sensor is a direct fit unit. It's been tested and designed to fit perfectly into your Camry. As a direct fit component, this replacement O2 sensor fits and plugs into your existing Camry oxygen sensor wiring.

Oxygen Sensors are the eyes of your car, and make it possible for your ECU to read the air fuel mixture in your exhaust stream. This is crucial to day to day operation, without them your ECU cannot operate in closed loop mode. 

Some of the other common Toyota Camry issues include other trouble codes like the DTC P0141, DTC P0135,  DTC P0138 or DTC P0420

Want more information on OBDII trouble codes and your check engine light? Need more Toyota Camry DIY tutorials? Check out the DTC Doctor section at My Pro Street for more details!

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