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2000 Nissan Xterra MAF Sensor


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This is a direct fit replacement Xterra MAF Sensor for your Nissan. The MAF sensor is also called the mass air flow meter. It's put inline of your intake and using a combination of vane meter devices and thermistors this sensor reads and analyzes the amount of air that's headed into your Xterra engine. 

Based on this signal the Nissan engine computer can properly adjust the amount of fuel being delivered. Without the proper Xterra MAF operation in your Nissan, your engine could run rich. When you suspect that your Nissan Xterra MAF sensor has failed, Pro Street can help. 

We have a comprehensive Xterra MAF sensor testing guide, that can help you identify and correct your MAF sensor problems. This DIY guide walks you through testing each wire at the Xterra MAF harness to determine where your Xterra issue is coming from.

How To Test a Nissan Xterra MAF Sensor

This replacement Xterra MAF sensor is designed as a bolt on solution. Each MAF sensor completes an air flow test and is bench tested for reliable and consistent performance. To test your Xterra MAF sensor you will need to use a digital multimeter to test each circuit.

You will see several common Nissan Xterra problems from a failed MAF sensor. One of the most obvious signs of trouble is of course the dreaded Xterra check engine light. When you see this warning light turned on in your Nissan dashboard, you will need a OBDII scan tool to retrieve the DTC code.

Locating your Nissan MAF sensor is easy to do. Simply open your Xterra hood and locate your air filter box to see your MAF sensor bolted to the housing. 

This 100% brand new mass air flow meter is designed as a drop in solution. Each mass air flow meter is tested using automated computerized tests. All meters are tested to ensure that the equipment will function and be reliable for use in your Xterra.

These MAF sensors are sold with or without the MAF housing. Available for the 2.4 liter, 3.3 liter and supercharged variations of your Nissan Xterra. Make sure to pick the mass air flow choice that best suits you. If you have an aftermarket intake kit installed on your Nissan truck, you will only need the replacement MAF sensor. 

Have any questions regarding your Nissan truck mass air flow sensor? Do you need more How To Guides and tech tips on your Nissan Xterra? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe for the latest in DIY tutorials.

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