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2000 Chrysler Cirrus Crank Sensor

2000 Chrysler Cirrus Crank Sensor


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This is a 100% brand new drop in replacement Cirrus crank sensor. Designed to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications, it's a critical part of your Chrysler engine. This is a magnetic hall effect crank angle sensor that reads the trigger plate on your crankshaft to read engine speed.

When the three pin Cirrus crank sensor in your Chrysler fails, your Cirrus will not start. This is because your Chrysler engine computer and ignition control module requires a valid signal from the crank angle sensor to operate.

Without a functioning Cirrus crank sensor signal your Auto Shut Down Relay will turn off your engine. Because of this reason you should never drive your Chrysler when you suspect an issue with your Cirrus crank angle sensor. Your ASD or Auto Shut Down relay can turn off your engine at speed, leaving you without power steering or power brakes. 

This can create a dangerous situation and could lead to a potentially dangerous crash and is definitely not safe. One of the first Chrysler Cirrus problems you will see when your crank sensor goes out, is your Cirrus check engine light. When you see this check engine light turns on in your Chrysler dashboard, you will need a OBDII scan tool to read the diagnostic code.

Testing a Chrysler Cirrus crank sensor


If you have a problem with your Cirrus crank sensor, you need a How To Guide. Our Cirrus crank sensor testing guide will show you how to troubleshoot this three pin hall effect sensor. In order to complete our guide you will need to use a digital multimeter.

Wondering what some other common Cirrus problems are due to a failed crank angle sensor? Here are some of them below;

  • Cirrus is hard to start
  • Engine shuts off intermittently
  • Random engine misfire
  • Poor fuel consumption

Our replacement Cirrus crank sensor is designed for proper operation and the correct depth for the magnetic hall effect sensor to work. Easy to install and simple to troubleshoot, this part can get your Cirrus back on the road right away.

Have any more questions about your Chrysler Cirrus? Want more testing guides and How To Articles? Head over to My Pro Street and subscribe to learn more.

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