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2000 Chevy Silverado MAF Sensor

2000 Chevy Silverado MAF Sensor


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As an important part of the EFI system in your Chevy truck, the Silverado MAF Sensor is there to relay vital information to control your engine's fuel delivery. This is a 100% brand new mass air flow meter that's a direct fit for your 2WD or AWD Silverado truck.

Designed as a drop in unit to replace your failed MAF sensor, this mass air flow sensor can restore your engine operation. This five pin Silverado MAF is in your intake system, and reads the intake air temperature as well as the air volume. Your Chevy Silverado PCM or Powertrain Control Module needs this information to properly adjust fuel curves. 

Need a Silverado DIY guide to test your mass air flow meter or your Intake Air Temperature sensor? Our tech tips at My Pro Street can help. Take a look at our guide below to learn How To Test your Chevy Silverado MAF Sensor. 

Silverado MAF How To

Because the Silverado MAF reads the information and measurement of the air mass that's headed into the engine, this part is extremely important. Based on the density and volume of your air charge, the Silverado MAF sensor tells your engine computer to increase or decrease fuel.

Without an operating Silverado MAF sensor, your PCM won't be able to maximize fuel consumption as well as engine performance. Because the intake air temperature is integrated into the air flow sensor, this part can also damage your engine and cause poor fuel economy.

The common Silverado problems when your MAF goes bad can range in severity. One of the most obvious problems is your Silverado check engine light. When your OBDII trouble code is triggered, the PCM will turn your Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on. To troubleshoot your Chevy Silverado issues, you will need to use a OBDII scan tool to check the stored code.

Because your air volume relies on the temperature of your air, the Powertrain Control Module will struggle to maintain an optimum air fuel ratio. The Silverado MAF sensor is the sensor that reads the exact measurement of the air mass that enters your V6 or V8 Vortec Silverado engine.

All of our Silverado MAF sensors are sold as brand new replacements. They do not require a core charge or exchange. Each part is bench tested to ensure smooth operation and a direct fit. Tested to meet or exceed Chevy specifications for function.

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