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1997 Chrysler Cirrus MAP Sensor

1997 Chrysler Cirrus MAP Sensor

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This manifold pressure sensor is a direct fit replacement for your 2.5 liter V6 Chrysler Cirrus. The Chrysler MAP sensor is designed to be your Chrysler computer's eyes and ears. By reading the barometric pressure of your intake manifold, your engine computer needs this signal to deliver the right amount of fuel.

When this Cirrus MAP sensor begins to fail or is faulty, it's going to cause a ton of problems. Without a way to see the pressure values of the incoming air, your V6 engine may run rich. Not being able to deliver the right amount of fuel, it can cause too much fuel to be injected into your combustion chamber.

Chrysler Cirrus MAP Sensor How To

Your Chrysler Cirrus MAP sensor is mounted to the intake manifold. Once you have found the sensor, make sure to use our How To Guide to test it. Our How To DIY guide will show you how to test the power and ground pins to your Cirrus pressure sensor.

Once you've determined the MAP sensor has power and ground, you can use it to test the signal wire. The signal voltage being sent to your Cirrus ECU will allow you to see if it's working properly or needs a replacement unit. This pressure sensor works on a 0-5 volt signal and the voltage drops as your vacuum increases.

Failing manifold pressure sensors can also cause pre-ignition detonation, otherwise known as pinging. If left alone this can cause premature engine damage to your engine pistons or rings. This OEMSPEC manifold pressure sensor is a direct fit for your 2.5 liter V6 Chrysler Cirrus. 

It's designed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. If you are looking for help on your Cirrus P0107 or P0108 OBDII trouble code, make sure to head over to My Pro Street for all the latest tech tips and How To Guides.

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