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1996 Nissan 240SX Fuel Injector

1996 Nissan 240SX Fuel Injector


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Whether you are building a turbo KA-T or simply modifying your DOHC 2.4 liter Nissan engine, there may come a time when your 240SX fuel injector fails. This can occur from your injector clogging or the internal windings going bad. When this happens you will have quite a bit of 240SX misfire, and your engine idle will suffer. This is also a common problem when your Nissan 240SX won't start.

This part number is a direct fit side feed 240SX fuel injector. As a 100% brand new part this fuel injector can restore your engine operation and fuel flow. When your Nissan starts to misfire, chances are you will have a stored OBDII DTC trouble code. You can use the right scan tool to plug in and read your 240SX check engine light.

If you suspect your 240SX fuel injector is causing the engine misfire, you'll need a guide to help you test it. Luckily for you our guide at My Pro Street can teach you How To Test your KA injector. This DIY guide will show you how to see if your 240SX fuel injector has clogged or it's simply dead.

How To Test a Nissan 240SX fuel injector


In order to test this unit, you'll need to use the digital multimeter to measure resistance. Once you've found the faulty 240SX fuel injector you can install this 100% brand new unit. These replacement fuel injectors are made to meet the exact measurements of the Nissan DOHC KA engine. 

These replacement 240SX Fuel Injectors are flow tested and bench marked for smooth operation. Superior manufacturing processes give these injectors an added edge over your stock units. They are wound with precision cut clippings to ensure a long life of operation. 

Each 240SX fuel injector is sold with the right o-rings for high temperature operation and superior sealing performance. Stainless steel slides and springs ensure that these injectors are engineered for a lifetime of reliable durability.

Openings are machined to prevent clogging and each injector is designed to lead an extended service life. Want to learn more about your Nissan 240SX? Subscribe to My Pro Street for all the latest in tech tips and How To tutorials. 

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