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1996 Ford Ranger Fuel Injector

1996 Ford Ranger Fuel Injector


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This is a 100% brand new direct fit replacement Ford Ranger fuel injector. These replacement Ford injectors are properly sized to restore your engine operation. Over time the internal windings in your Ranger fuel injector may fail, or your injector may become clogged.

When this happens your Ford Ranger will run poorly or begin to misfire. Other issues such as a inconsistent idle or poor performance can also occur. Of course when you need a guide to test your fuel injector, our online community at My Pro Street can help.

Using a digital multimeter, you can easily test the operation of your Ford Ranger fuel injector. This How To test will also show you if your injector has gone bad, or it's simply clogged. When replacing your Ford Ranger fuel injector, make sure to test it before hand using our DIY tutorial.

How To Test a Ford Ranger fuel injector

Replacing your fuel injector in your Ford Ranger will vary in difficulty. For obvious reasons the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine is the most easiest. Please make sure to select the correct engine size for your Ford Ranger before ordering.

All of our replacement Ranger fuel injectors are flow matched to ensure smooth operation. Every single injector is bench tested to deliver the right amount of fuel. Our OEMSPEC Ranger fuel injectors are optimized with stainless steel slides and springs. Upgraded for superior performance and ultimate reliability.

Replacement Ford Ranger fuel injector comes with precision wound and trimmed solenoid windings. This gives you the best performing injector possible for your Ford truck. These solenoids give you efficient and complete control over your fuel delivery.

All of our replacement Ford Ranger replacement fuel injectors are sold individually. Comes complete with high temperature viton o-rings to ensure proper seal. Have any questions about your Ford Ranger? Use this replacement fuel injector and fix your Ford truck. 

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