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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cam Sensor


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The camshaft position sensor in your Mitsubishi Eclipse plays a huge role in how your engine operates. This is a basic hall effect style sensor that reads the teeth on your camshaft. Your Eclipse engine computer then uses this positioning signal to deliver the right amount of fuel, and control the spark events properly.

When the Eclipse cam sensor fails, your Mitsubishi will suffer from a wide range of different issues. One of the most common cam sensor problems is when your Eclipse won't start. Lack of signal from your Eclipse cam angle sensor can cause this to happen.

If your Eclipse won't start, you'll need the right How To guide to test your Eclipse cam sensor. Our online community at My Pro Street can help. Our handy How To tutorial on testing your 2.0 liter cam angle sensor can help identify any issues with your CAS.

How To test your Eclipse cam sensor


In order to complete this testing guide, you will need to use a digital multimeter. If you aren't sure if your cam angle sensor is to blame, this DIY article will help you find out what the issue is. Although this guide is geared towards the non turbo 2.0 liter 420A engine, we also carry and stock the cam angle sensor for the turbo 4G63 as well.

Symptoms of a failed Eclipse cam sensor

When the cam angle sensor also known as the CAS or CMP fails in your Mitsubishi, your car can suffer from a wide range of Eclipse issues. Here's a look at some of them below.

  • Ignition misfire
  • Long cranking time
  • Poor performance
  • BAD gas mileage
  • Check Engine Light ON

When you see that your Eclipse check engine light is on, you will need a OBDII scan tool to retrieve the stored DTC Codes.

How Does my Eclipse crank sensor work?

By magnetically detecting the speed and position of your camshaft, the engine computer can control your Mitsubishi ignition control module or ICM. Without this signal however your Eclipse won't start or will have a hard time starting.

Have any questions about this cam angle sensor for your 2G Eclipse? Want to learn more about the Mitsubishi Eclipse or the turbocharged 4G63 engine? Subscribe to My Pro Street to get all the latest in tech tips and How To guides.

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