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1993 Ford Mustang Oxygen Sensor

1993 Ford Mustang Oxygen Sensor


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This direct fit upstream Mustang Oxygen Sensor is designed to restore your engine operation. The primary O2 sensor is also known as the primary O2 sensor or the upstream oxygen sensor. It's main duty is to monitor the exhaust gases coming out of your engine, and help your Ford engine computer control the fuel delivery.

This is basically an air fuel monitor that's mounted into the exhaust header, and reads the amount of hydrocarbons and fuel in your exhaust stream. It converts this data into a signal your Ford engine computer can understand, and transmits this signal to your Powertrain Control Module.

Your Ford PCM or engine computer then uses this signal to adjust the fuel curves to your engine. This computer is constantly striving for optimum performance or closed loop operation. When your OBDI engine computer does not get this proper signal, there's a serious chance that your Ford engine will run rich ( too much fuel ) or lean ( not enough fuel )

Ford Mustang O2 sensor testing tutorial

If you need a guide on how to test your Ford Mustang O2 sensor, check our guide at My Pro Street. Our online community has the largest database of How To articles and Tech Tips and armed with our knowledge you can test your upstream oxygen sensor properly. Our Ford Mustang primary O2 How To Guide will require the use of a digital multimeter to test your air fuel ratio sensor.

Depending on the model of your Ford, you may have more than one Mustang oxygen sensor. Make sure to choose the right engine size and Mustang model so that you receive the correct plug and play O2 sensor. 

This model of Mustang is very popular among enthusiasts and is still modded heavily today. For this reason if you are looking for fox body oxygen sensor, our catalog of OEM spec products are here to help. Direct fit and made for a long life of durable service, our replacement Ford Mustang oxygen sensor is the best OEM replacement air fuel ratio sensor on the market today.

Have any more questions about this Ford Mustang oxygen sensor? Want to get more tech tips and DIY articles on your Ford Mustang? Head over to My Pro Street to get all the latest in automotive news, tech tips and How To tutorials.

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