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Tie Rod End

Your vehicle's steering system is a complex linkage system that's connected to your steering rack and pinion. These linkages and the ends are known as tie rod ends, and there's different kids depending on your vehicle. Typically, tie rod ends come in pairs to complete one end of your steering rack, the inner and outer tie rod ends.

The inner tie rod end is a threaded arm that connects to the outer tie rod, which connects to your wheel hub assembly. When you turn your steering wheel, the rack and pinion responds by sliding the steering rack left or right accordingly. The parts that connect your steering rack to the actual hub are known as the tie rod ends.

The Tie Rod End is a huge part of your vehicle's steering


When you are aligning your vehicle, or even aligning your steering wheel, you will be adjusting the tie rod ends in your vehicle. By loosening the outer tie rod, you then turn the threaded portion of the tie rods, treading them inward or outward.

This adjustment changes the angle to the tires and is called setting the toe in your vehicle. When your tie rod is broken, or bent, or you need to replace your ball joints, it's a good idea to know how to replace your ball joints.

Learn how to replace your tie rod end and more at My Pro Street
Learn how to replace your tie rod end and more at My Pro Street

To complicate your tie rod end, there's a set of bushings or ball joints that protect the tie rod end shaft. These rubber bushings contain grease or lubricants, and keep your tie rod end joints clean and working properly. When your ball joints begin to leak, it can cause a mess under your vehicle and even contaminate or compromise your brakes.

How To Replace your Honda Civic Tie Rod End.
How To Replace your Honda Civic Tie Rod End.

Love them or hate them the seventh generation Honda Civic was quite the departure from what most people came to associate with the Civic.

Start with one side of the vehicle if you do not have access or means to a lift and loosen your front lug nuts.

Then raise and secure the vehicle safely and make sure you are working on level ground.

Remove the front wheel and inspect your outer tie rod end, clean the area if any grease is leaking from the outer tie rod boot.

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How To Change a Broken Tie Rod End
How To Change a Broken Tie Rod End

Take this time now to measure the length from your steering rack input shaft to your outer tie rod end, for those too lazy to do so a simple blast of spray paint does the trick as well.

When reassembling your outer tie rod ends, this will give you a good guide on when to stop threading your rack and pinion input shaft and drive as straight as you did before removing the tie rods.

Today we’ll be performing this job on a 2002 Honda Accord, one with a broken left outer tie rod end. The part numbers we’ll be replacing today is 53560-S84-A01 and 53540-S84-A01.

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How To Install Nissan 240SX Tie Rod Ends
How To Install Nissan 240SX Tie Rod Ends

Count the revolutions from where you are backing the tie rod and then inspect the threads on your outer tie rod.

Clean the threads if necessary but make sure to check your mark and reference it as you install the new unit.

When you near the end, go slowly and note where the outer tie rod end comes off the vehicle.

If you need to service your outer tie rod boot, now is the time to do that before installing your Nissan aftermarket tie rod ends.