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Pro Street OEM

What is OEMSPEC?

Pro Street OEMSPEC is a program consisting of several high quality OEM manufacturers, that produce both aftermarket parts and are DIRECT OE suppliers. Over 10 years of delivering high quality OE parts at a low cost to our customers means that we have the experience, knowledge and support capability for whatever need your vehicle has. Our OEMSPEC parts work, fit and perform as the direct OE replacement would or better in many cases.

OEM (original equipment manufacture) and OES (original equipment supplier) many times are one and the same. OE, of course, is a more generic term that refers to the brand that came as original equipment on the car. Most auto manufacturers assemble cars from purchased components and manufacture only the sheet metal components.


LS Reluctor Wheels and You A key point many people are unaware of is that multiple OES brands are not only normal but are actually mandated by international standards as part of the qualifications for ISO certification. This allows car makers to continue the same line of quality parts in your vehicle even when the first choice company may not be able to provide the product. Delphi is one of the largest automotive supplier of automotive parts in the world.

Delphi supplies parts to nearly every OE vehicle manufacturer in existence. You can count on easy installation, with superb fit and performance, no matter what the vehicle.

Delphi sensors can be found in many late model GM's, something any LS1 swap enthusiast knows plenty about.

GMB - GMB is a major OE supplier for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Volvo, Toyota, and Hyundai. When you purchase a GMB fan clutch or water pump, you are purchasing quality O.E. parts manufactured in a ISO 9002 certified facility.

With factories in 3 countries and customers in 170 countries, GMB is living its company motto: "high quality, good price and customer satisfaction."

Brembo brake discs were designed specifically for the Formula One circuit, and are now offered for street and commercial use. Brembo has been the exclusive supplier of brake calipers to Porsche and brake rotor supplier to racers worldwide. Brembo brake components deliver with exceptional cost, and superior quality

Daikin / EXEDY is one of a group of affiliated clutch brands manufactured in Japan for Honda, Nissan and Toyota. They supply many japanese car manufacturers, and produce a line of high quality, competition clutches for use in many racing circuits in Japan.

Daikin Clutch USA, a subsidiary of EXEDY Corporation, manufactures standard, heavy duty, sports performance and racing clutches.

EXEDY Clutch is indeed one of the worlds leading manufactures of automotive clutch assemblies. Exedy consistently deliver first rate quality and service to top vehicle manufacturers across the globe who demand only the best clutch when installing their manual transmission packages. Direct With original material, fit and performance, Daikin / Exedy is the clutch component brand to use on your car.

BOSCH is the single largest parts supplier for European cars. What started as owner Robert Bosch's Workshop for precision and electrical engineering over 100 years ago, has become one of today's most successful engineering enterprises.

Pioneers of fuel injection technology over 35 years ago, Bosch is the industry leader in fuel injection technology and is the major OE supplier to nearly all car manufacturers worldwide. Bosch developed the first fuel injection system with a high-pressure electric fuel pump in 1967 and continues to pioneer new and reliable technology. Pro Street carries a full line of Bosch sensors for your car, like MAP Sensors, Oxygen Sensors and Crank / Cam Angle Sensors.

Beck/Arnley doesn’t manufacture, make or add any part to their import line unless it meets or exceeds OE standards. Which means that every Beck/Arnley part looks and performs as well as an OE part. Through their comprehensive library and our technical experts, you can be sure that every Beck/Arnley part you stock has the fit, form, and function of the OE part.

Beck’s parent company, Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and their related aftermarkets

OEMSPEC Timing belts utilize Neoprene Backing. This extra double, highly flexible neoprene backing provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance especially important if power is transmitted from the back of the belt.

Backing also guards the tensile cords against oil, grease, dirt and moisture. The tensile cords offer continuous, helically wound high strength fiberglass tensile cords guarantee dimensional stability to eliminate take up adjustments. Heavy Torque loads won't fatigue this super strong cord.

Our teeth are precision formed, oil and heat resistant neoprene teeth have a shear resistance equal to the tensile strength of the belt. Tooth design and tight manufacturing tolerances provide a constant circular pitch to assure full surface contact between belt and pulley for smooth running characteristics. Our Timing Belt manufacturers are Contitech, GoodYear, and Advantex.

PBR is a brand that's changed its name several times ( Axxis, Repco, MetalMaster) over the past several years but their quality has never changed or diminished. Although not OE on any car, PBR brand pads are a popular replacement brand for most car makes. In the standard Deluxe line, they produce an organic pad that performs quietly and cleanly on your import car. Their Metal Master line of metallic pads are a durable, high-quality, all-metallic pad designed for quality and function.

Pagid brake pads are an OE or better alternative brand and are preferred by many of todays professional repair shops, racers and enthusiasts alike for numerous European cars. As an OE supplier of brake pads for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Saab, Volkswagen and Volvo, these pads have the most up-to-date formulation and shims for optimal performance and noise reduction as well as high durability.

Pro Street doesn't believe in cheap aftermarket imitations, or knockoff parts that wont work, wont last or isnt up to our OEMSPEC. We won't sell inferior parts. We'd rather have a select clientele of highly satisfied, knowledgeable and intelligent customers than a million customers who don't understand, dont care or dont know the difference.

Our customers know how important fit, finish, performance and quality are and they want the highest quality parts possible for a reasonable price.

Our OEMSPEC parts are those that fit and work like factory-original, OEM parts for often half or less than half of what the dealer would charge you! Trust in our OEMSPEC program, as it has delivered high quality OE replacement parts to our customers for over 10 years now and running. Full OEM Catalog coming soon