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Weapon R Secret Weapon Intakes

The innovative design of the Secret Weapon Intake makes it one of the better performing short ram intakes in our catalog. We've tested this intake against models that are nearly twice the price, and the WR secret Weapon Intake continues to outperform the competition.

What is the Secret Weapon Intake?

    The Secret Weapon uses two important laws of physics to increase airflow. The first law is Boyles law. This law basically states that as air velocity increases, its volume increases as well, while the pressure decreases. The second law is the Bernoulli Equation, where a moving fluid (in this case air) has a lower pressure than air that is standing still, or is moving slowly. This same law is used in NASCAR for both downforce and "drafting." When we increase the air velocity in the intake, we create a low pressure area that draws a higher volume of air than a standard intake would. In layman's terms, we are creating a vacuum effect using natural laws of physics.

Do the Weapon*R Air Filters, filter dirt better than K&N / AEM / Injen Air Filters?

    The Secret Weapon Air Filter is made of Polyeurethane Foam, which is rated at 300 Pores per square inch. Whereas the K&N / AEM / INJEN air filters are rated at 30-60 pores per square inch. This means that there is more dirt particles passing through the air filter to the engine when using their filters.

Why is the Secret Weapon Air Filter so much better?

    The reason why the Secret Weapon Air Filter flows much better than any other filter on the market today is because of the specially designed Velocity Stack inside the air filter, it helps gather more air into the air filter and increase velocity in the intake tube.