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Turbo Kits

Our collection of turbo kits come in a variety of different ways. You can buy just the turbocharger or manifold and piece together your own turbo kit, or purchase a complete out of the box solution.

If you are wondering what goes into your turbo kit and how to pick the right kit for your car, take a look at our online community at My Pro Street. We have a series dedicated to turbo kits and several articles including turbo vs supercharger differences.

When you are modifying a vehicle and live in a state that requires emissions tests, it's best to check your local smog laws before installing your turbo kit. No matter what turbo kit you decide on, you must install supporting modifications to ensure safe operation.

Additional fuel upgrades and installing gauges is just one part of the equation. You'll also need a variety of tuning tools and different ways to adjust your fuel trims. Dyno tuning is a great way to make sure that your vehicle has the right air fuel mixture under boost.

We carry some of the biggest names in turbo kit performance. HKS turbo kits, Greddy, and much more. Have more questions about the turbo kit for your car? Subscribe to My Pro Street today to get all the latest in tech tips and How To guides for your turbocharged vehicle.