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Mass Air Flow Sensors

Mass Air Flow Sensor or MAFs are also known by many different names, but the job they are tasked with is the same. Inform your vehicle's ECU or PCM of the real time values for the air that's entering the engine. There's a variety of different MAF sensors, which in turn means different way for the air mass sensor to read your air.

Can't find your Mass Air Flow Sensor Below? Try searching for your year, make or model. Good examples are "1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Mass Air Flow Sensor", or "1999 Chevy Camaro Mass Air Flow Sensor" as search terms.

No matter what kind of MAF you own, from hot wire to Karman to membrane type MAF sensors, it still needs to read the air values to transmit them to the ECU.


In conjunction with the air / fuel ratio sensors and oxygen sensors, the ECU then can accurately deliver the right amount of fuel. Your ECU uses the MAF typically as a reference for open loop operation, while your oxygen sensor or 02 sensor controls closed loop operation.

 For most late model EFI equipped vehicles, you'll find a hotwire, karman or vane type mass air flow sensor. With a voltage range between 0-5 volts and a built in Air Intake Temperature (IAT ) Sensor, your ECU has all the information required to operate your engine efficiently and smoothly.

When your MAF, MAS or Mass air flow sensor encounters problems or begins to fail, your On Board Diagnostic system will recognize the problem and light your check engine light.

There's also a few other names the MAF can be known by, such as ;

  • Moving vane meter
  • Hot wire sensor (MAF)
  • Membrane sensor
  • Coldwire sensor
  • Kármán sensor

and if you are looking for How To's, DIY's and guides on how to install a piggyback computer, shop for an aftermarket tuner or modify your MAF, you've come to the right place.


The Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) on your 2.4 liter KA24DE equipped Nissan Altima is mounted to the air box by four 10mm bolts. These bolts screw onto the air filter housing, but you will not need to remove any of it to test your MAF.

The part number for this air flow sensor is 22680-70F00, and as expected there’s quite a few interchange part numbers. This 2.4 liter KA24 engine is found in many late model Nissan vehicles, from the Xterra, 240SX and Nissan pickup trucks.

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The specific verbiage of OBDII DTC P0101 is Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test the MAF circuit inside your engine bay, and how to replace it if there’s a problem.

The mass air flow sensor in your 3.5 liter VQ35DE Nissan or Infiniti engine is mounted to the intake pipe, as part of your airbox. You can access the MAF plug by simply locating your intake pipe, the MAF adapter and sensor and unplugging the six pin connector.


When the mass air flow (MAF) sensor in your 2.4 liter KA24DE Nissan Frontier fails, your check engine light will turn on.

Attaching a scan tool to the OBD-II port of your Nissan will return the DTC P0100 for Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Malfunction.

This malfunction means that the ECU in your Nissan is not getting the proper signal from the MAF, making it hard for the computer to operate your KA24 properly.


The 2JZGE is a plentiful motor that can be found in the Lexus SC300, GS300, IS300 and many more applications.

The GE uses 330cc top-feed high impedance Denso style injectors and a Karman Vortex mass air flow (MAF) meter.

This Karman MAF is often used for turbocharged setups when you are sticking with the stock 2JZGE ECU and piggyback tuning computer.

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Fixing the DTC OBDII code of P0171 in a Cadillac ATS equipped with the 3.6 liter LFX V6 engine.

The causes behind this code can be varied, because so many sensors and inputs go into the equation of how much fuel is needed for your engine to run.

Today’s DTC Doctor article is for My Pro Street user jamx_jims who has a specific question on how to replace the mass air flow sensor in a 2013 Cadillac ATS.

Before beginning our how to test a 4.6L Ford MAF DIY Guide, you may want to remove and clean your mass air flow sensor.

It’s usually best however to use an air compressor to clear the pathway of your mass air flow sensor.

The part number for your 4.6 liter Ford MAF is F6XA-12B579-AA, and this mass air flow sensor can also be listed under these interchange numbers:

  • F6XZ-12B579-AA
  • F7XZ-12B579-AA
  • F7XZ-12B579-AARM

If these numbers aren’t in stock, you can also check with your local Nissan dealer under part number 22680-1B000.

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Begin testing your 3.5 liter MAF to resolve the P0101 OBDII trouble code, by using a multimeter to test the pins in question.

If you are not familiar with a multimeter or voltmeter, use our guide to help you figure things out.

The first part of our DIY How To Test a VQ35 MAF guide will be testing the intake air temperature sensor, that’s part of your MAF.




The replacement Ford part number for this mass air flow sensor is 3W4Z-12-B579-AB and when you are replacing your Ford Taurus MAF, make sure to insert the new MAF according to the air flow arrow.

If you are uncertain if your MAF is the problem, and need to know how to test your Ford Taurus MAF, you’ll need a voltmeter or multimeter to conduct a test.