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1988 GMC K2500 Knock Sensor

1988 GMC K2500 Knock Sensor


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The GMC knock sensor in your K2500 is located in the center of your GEN III GM engine, and usually requires removal of your GMC truck or van intake manifold. If you are looking for a guide on how to translate your GM RPO code, such as LS1, LQ, LM, LR, and more, check our handy guide at My Pro Street on translating the GM RPO to find out what GMC engine you have.

To find the knock sensor for your GMC K2500 , try searching for your model with the words "knock sensor" after it in our search. Whether your GMC is AWD or RWD, the knock sensor harness may be located in a different area of your engine bay.

If your GMC was built before 1996, your knock sensor failure can cause loss of power, black smoke from your tailpipe and bad gas mileage. A failed K2500 knock sensor can cause problems for your GMC truck or van. The engine knock in your vehicle can be even more difficult to fix if you don't know exactly what engine you have in your GMC. The term Vortec is often a misunderstood one, and if you need help identifying your 6.0 liter GMC Vortec engine, check our how to guide here.

Don't confuse the Vortec engine with the earlier GM term Vortec, which stood for the TBI engines that preceded the GEN III shortblocks, which used cylinder heads known for a terminology known as swirl vane. The use of this vane in the cylinder head maximized flow with a vane like machined stamp in the bowl under the intake valves. Designed for low end torque and decreased emissions, don’t confuse this with your 1996+ Vortec engine.
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K2500 knock sensors may be difficult to access depending on the year of your GMC. Late models push the GMC engine further back in the engine bay, limiting space and room to work on your engine

Want more information on how to service your GMC knock sensor or trouble shoot knock sensor issues? Head over to our blog My Pro Street, where our online community that's stood since 1998 can assist you with your GMC issues.

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Many of these GMC knock sensors connect by way of a single prong connector underneath the center cover of your GMC engine.

This part number fits a GMC K2500 Pickup Ext Cab Knock Sensor and is a direct GMC OE replacement part for your Knock Sensor

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