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1987 Chevrolet Camaro Knock Sensor

1987 Chevrolet Camaro Knock Sensor


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The knock sensor in your Chevy lets your PCM know that there's a problem with your engine, and that one of your knock sensors is detecting engine predetonation. This can happen when there's a problem with the car or truck elsewhere, and when it happens it's a good idea to know how to tell where your knock sensors are, and which side is Bank 1 or Bank 2. After you've replaced your knock sensor, if your Chevrolet still knocks, you might want to start diagnosing your Chevrolet Mass Air Flow Sensor or Oxygen Sensors.

When your knock sensor goes bad, this will definitely trigger a check engine light, and should be replaced so that your Chevrolet will drive normally again. If there's another issue causing your Camaro to run "lean", simply replacing your knock sensor won't get it done. Make sure to check our guide on how to properly set the ignition timing in a Chevrolet Camaro 5.7 liter engine LS1, in our GEN III GM guide here.

Under load or heavy acceleration you should be able to hear the metallic pinging in your Chevrolet engine, checking simple things like gas octane, spark plug condition as well as the fuel filter can all help get rid of knock.

Sometimes figuring out how to fix your Camaro can often be difficult.

If you haven't checked your base ignition for a root cause for your knock, check our guide that shows you how to set the base ignition timng to resolve knock issues under load. The test engine is a 5.7 liter Chevrolet Camaro LS1 engine swap. Take care when installing this wire, make sure it is clear of any exhaust piping and drive belts.

Start your engine and your timing light should begin to flash, if it doesn’t check your pickup and either change locations or check the condition of your magnets. If your timing light is able to output real time data such as RPM reference this against what you see in your instrument cluster. Improper timing can cause severe engine knock, if you have a scan tool that can read real time engine values, now is the time to plug that in.

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This part number fits a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro and is a direct Chevy OE replacement part for your Camaro

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