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1987 Audi 5000 Knock Sensor

1987 Audi 5000 Knock Sensor


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Originally manufactured by Bosch or Vemo, the Audi knock sensor in your 5000 Turbo is color coded, which means before you purchase a replacement Audi knock sensor from Pro Street, you'll need to locate and identify the color coding of your factory unit first. Most of these Audi knock sensors come in Blue, Green or Brown, with different internal ranges depending on your make of Audi.

To find the knock sensor for your Audi 5000 Turbo , use our search to narrow your results. Make sure to use your Audi make and the words "knock sensor" after it in our search. For turbocharged Audi's your knock sensor can be even more imperative of a replacement job, as turbo vehicles usually have more knock than naturally aspirated Audis.

Faulty 5000 Turbo knock sensors can make your Audi run rough or trigger a check engine light on your Audi dashboard or instrument cluster. Before replacing your Audi knock sensor, make sure that you've checked all the other possible causes of Audi engine knock.

Some of these problems can include but are not limited to : Low octane fuel, low oil level in your engine, lifter noise or engine bay noises can also be picked up by your Audi knock sensor. 5000 Turbo knock sensors may be difficult to access depending on the year of your Audi. Many Audi vehicles equipped with AWD or turbo and AWD can be very hard to service when it comes to the knock sensors.

Want more information on how to service your Audi knock sensor or trouble shoot knock sensor issues? Head over to our blog My Pro Street, where our online community that's stood since 1998 can assist you with your Audi issues.

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Many of these Audi knock sensors connect by way of a two or three wire connector that's screwed into the sides or "banks" of your Audi engine.

This part number fits a 1987 Audi 5000 and is a direct Audi OE replacement part for your 5000

This replacement OE Audi knock sensor is colored Green
Also use 3, 000 979 133
connector. and is a direct replacement for your Audi.

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