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Glow Shift Elite Fuel Pressure Gauge

Glow Shift Elite Fuel Pressure Gauge

Glow Shift

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One of the best values when it comes to aftermarket gauges, the Elite 10 series from Glow Shift are some of the best bang for your buck modifications for your car. Combining technology and innovation that you will find in gauge models that are much more expensive, Glow Shift makes a high quality performance gauge that won't break the bank.

Glow Shift's stepper motor technology allows for the Elite 10 fuel pressure gauge to accurately relay the pressure at the fuel rail. This eliminates the need for water or liquid filled gauges that must be mounted through the hood for easy viewing. This FPR gauge from Glow Shift comes with the electronic sender that is 8th inch NPT and can also be converted to 3/8th pipe thread.

Electronic sensors deliver real time performance and the Integrated warning system gives you a way to outline warning parameters for when there's a problem with your air fuel mixture.

These fuel pressure gauges make it easy for you to monitor the real time pressure in your fuel rail. Eliminate dangerous mechanical setups or liquid filled gauges that require you to open your hood or cut holes in your hood for easy viewing.

All Elite series gauges have 10 color ranges to choose from, giving you the flexibility to rock whatever color you want in your car.

Pro Street is an authorized Glow Shift dealer, and we support and provide full warranty services for all Glow Shift products purchased from our store. Part number MT-DV11 comes in two different styles, with a 30 PSI limit and a 100 PSI limit, both in white and black faced. 

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