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Glow Shift Elite Boost Gauge

Glow Shift Elite Boost Gauge

Glow Shift

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One of the best values when it comes to aftermarket gauges, the Elite 10 series from Glow Shift are some of the best bang for your buck modifications for your car. Combining technology and innovation that you will find in gauge models that are much more expensive, Glow Shift makes a high quality performance gauge that won't break the bank.

Glow Shift's stepper motor technology allows for the Elite 10 boost gauge to accurately read manifold pressure or boost pressure accurately. Electronic sensors deliver real time performance and the Integrated warning system gives you a way to outline warning parameters for when there's a problem with your boost.

Elite 10 boost gauges also incorporate a peak warn setting, which is useful to see what happened in the last run. All Elite 10 series gauges from Glow Shift give you a true plug and play install process with modular connections for power and ground. This means that you can connect up to three Elite 10 gauges without having to run more wiring.

All Elite series gauges have 10 color ranges to choose from, giving you the flexibility to rock whatever color you want in your car.

This makes for a unique and compact performance gauge that delivers all the features you could ever want in a performance gauge, at a fraction of the price of other gauge companies.

Have any questions about the Elite 10 boost gauge? Give us a call at 1-888-776-7022 or leave us a message below.

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