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Glow Shift Diesel Combo Gauge

Glow Shift

  • 17999
  • Save $ 1596

This combination gauge is called the 3 in 1 Diesel Combo gauge and for people with limited interior space, it's really one of the best deals in our catalog. Capable of handling three distinct values through an analog readout and a full sweep red backlit needle. Perfect for matching to interiors with red needles or orange needles, this Diesel combo gauge from Glow Shift represents maximum value.

Modular connections make this gauge install a plug and play affair outside of the sensors, which may include the exhaust gas temperature probe or coolant temperature sensor. 

All 3 in 1 Diesel Combo gauges come complete with model specific sensors and mounting equipment for a flawless and trouble free installation procedure. Looking for a how to on installing gauges? Take a look at our online community for more details on how to install aftermarket gauges.

Pro Street is an authorized Glow Shift dealer, and we support and provide full warranty services for all Glow Shift products purchased from our store.

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