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Portable Bluetooth Car MP3 FM Transmitter


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Tired of the same old radio stations and CD's? Do you want the flexibility of your very own MP3 collection but don't have a Bluetooth compatible stereo or car radio? Don't want to go through the process of installing a new stereo or dealing with the hassle of car audio wiring

Take advantage of our Bluetooth MP3 FM Transmitter adapter, that plugs right into your cigarette lighter. No more headphones, car cassette adapters, or funny adapters. Simply plug in our MP3 FM transmitter and unlock the power of your cell phone or MP3 player in your stereo. 

Bluetooth MP3 FM Transmitter

With our unit you can connect your library of MP3's to your stereo with ease. Keep your hands free and eyes on the road with this high quality MP3 transmitter. 

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Features : 

  • USB input port
  • Volume controls
  • USB output port
  • Headphone jack
  • Aux In audio port
  • Built in charging through USB port
  • 360 degree rotating face for ease of use

Converting your MP3 to this FM transmitter, all you need is to tune your radio to the selected FM station to enjoy your own music. 

How to use our Bluetooth Car MP3 FM Transmitter

  1. Connect our Bluetooth Car MP3 FM Transmitter to your cigarette lighter
  2. Adjust to the FM station of your choice
  3. Turn your stereo to the FM radio station that's displayed
  4. Activate your cell phone or mobile device Bluetooth

What happens when I get a phone call?

Our Bluetooth car MP3 player will convert over to hands-free call mode, allowing you to use the built in mic. You can answer your call, hang up or redial using our hands free mic. 

What is the charging rate of your MP3 adapter?

When just one USB port is connected, you receive 5 volts / 2 amps and when both ports are used you are getting 5 volts / .8 amps.


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