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NRG Gen 2.0 Quick Release Kit


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The steering wheel quick release kit from NRG is one of the best ways to stop thieves cold in their tracks. Easily connect any aftermarket 5 hole or 6 hole steering wheel to your steering wheel hub. Connecting to your steering wheel hub, this NRG quick release unit gives you the freedom to disconnect your steering wheel when you leave your car.

NRG quick release kit disconnected

Combined with a NRG Quick Release Lock you'll have one of the best ways to stop car thieves in the business. Simply depress the button in the 2.0 Quick Release Kit, disconnect your steering wheel and put on your steering wheel cap and you are set.  

Available in a variety of different color combinations, the GEN 2.0 quick release kit is one of the best car mods money can buy. Competition rated and tough durable CNC machined sleeves ensure a superior product that will look great in your car.

NRG Quick release Kit Installation

Short of installing a fuel pump kill switch, this quick release is the best way to prevent your car from being stolen. These NRG quick release kits are the first generation and utilize a single sleeve to release your steering wheel from your column.

Make sure to select the color combination you want your NRG quick release kit. Most units in stock and ship the same day.

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