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Excel Digital Multimeter


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Excellent for testing your automotive circuits or measuring the resistance in your car electronics, our digital multimeter is one of the best values. This brand new multimeter is a great choice for electrical use and is easy operate on any circuit board or automotive sensor.

Featuring a full 14mm high LCD display, our multimeter is portable and compact. Comes standard with overload protection and features a F-200mA/250V fuse. Buzzer and light display are also features of our digital multimeter. 

digital multimeter

Directly measure and test any circuit using this excellent multimeter. Not just for reading DC voltage, you can also test the resistance of a sensor to see if it's any good.

If you think your car sensors or meters are going out, check out our online community at My Pro Street. Our collection of How To guides are perfect for the DIY'er who wants to save money on their car repair. There's a few different tools you can turn to when you think there's a problem with your car. Some of these tools can be used to test circuits and electrical connections in your vehicle. There's voltmeters, ammeters and ohmmeters and all of these testers or multimeters can connect to the circuits and reads them in different ways. 

Of course if you are not sure what a multimeter is, or even how to use one you can use our handy guide located here. To learn how to test a mass air flow sensor, ignition coil, crank angle sensor or cam angle sensor, this multimeter is the one you need.

Durable and housed in a ABS plastic shell, this multimeter is more than enough to get the job done. No matter what size your electrical job, this multimeter is the best one for your dollar. 

Does not come with battery - 9v battery required.

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