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T3 / T4 Inlet Flange

T3 / T4 Inlet Flange


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The turbo inlet flange that started it all, this T3/T4 BLOX Racing steel manifold turbo flange is a classic. Mate your T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger to this flange after welding it to your exhaust manifold or header system. If you are having a manifold fabricated for you, make sure to grab your inlet flange early on.

This flange is perfect for any homemade turbo setup, or DIY turbo kit. It's manufactured in the US by our friends over at BLOX Racing. Own a T3/T4 turbo but can't find the 5 bolt turbo discharge flange

If you have a welder and have some technical know-how, building your own turbo kit is easy, cheap and fun. For more information, check out My Pro Street.

Have any questions about this T3/T4 Inlet Flange? give us a call at 1-888-776-7022.

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