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T3 Divided Inlet Flange

T3 Divided Inlet Flange


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The BLOX T3 Divided Inlet Flange isn't quite as common as many of the other DIY turbocharger components they carry, however it's still a great deal for anyone with a twin scroll T3.

If you are sticking to the smaller turbo frame and need to have the divided housing, this BLOX T3 Divided Inlet Flange is one of the only shows in town. Have a T3 or T3/T4 hybrid turbo project but can't find the 5 bolt turbo discharge flange? Find your discharge flange for your T3 Turbo here. 

This flange isn't quite as easy to make your own turbo kit for your Honda, as some of the others. Because of the divided nature, chances are you will require a professional to weld together your manifold. 

Have any questions about this T3 Divided Inlet Flange? give us a call at 1-888-776-7022.

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