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BLOX S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder

BLOX S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder


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When you are upgrading the clutch in your Honda, there's many ways to increase the clutch pedal pressure. Whether you need to adjust your clutch pedal or even bleed your clutch hydraulics, you can also improve the clutch pedal pressure by installing a larger clutch master cylinder. 

This clutch master cylinder is a BLOX version of the Honda S2000 clutch master cylinder. The part number for this unit is usually 19183047, although the BLOX version of this part is BXFL-10011. To properly install this clutch master cylinder, you will need the BLOX S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter.

This adapter will provide the proper support to your Honda bulkhead or firewall, and prevent flexing in the sheetmetal that will adversely affect your clutch performance. Combine this upgrade with the BLOX brake booster delete plate and brake master cylinder for the ultimate clean cut engine bay.

Use of a wire tuck or custom wiring harness will really set off your engine bay, if you have any questions about your clutch master cylinder or this part, give us a call. 

This component does not include the Honda S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter.

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