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BLOX Brake Master Cylinder


  • 6500
  • Save $ 4700

Use this BLOX Brake Master Cylinder to complete your engine bay, by installing the BLOX brake booster delete plate and installing this unit. This master cylinder utilizes a 3/4 inch bore, and provides a good range in brake pedal response when you are upgrading to Integra brakes or installing a big brake kit on your Honda.

Don't be "that guy" who pours thousands of dollars into the engine bay, but leaves the stock single pot piston in charge to bring his Honda to a stop. Upgrade your Honda Civic or Integra brakes through the many brake conversions or Honda swaps available.

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This high performance master cylinder is an ideal upgrade unit for your Civic, or Integra whether you have a Honda engine swap in there or not. Lose weight and ditch the brake booster, or switch to this manual brake setup for your custom big brake kit, but either way this modification is not recommended for street use.

This BLOX brake master cylinder comes with a reservoir with a 7-fluid oz capacity. 

This component does not include the Honda Brake Booster Elimi-plate.

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