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BLOX Brake Booster Delete


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Otherwise known as the brake booster elimi-plate, this component is designed as a bolt on brake booster delete for your Honda or Acura. This modification is not recommended for the street car, and should not be performed on a daily driver type vehicle.

You will be eliminating the power assist of your brakes, it might sound cool to say you have manual brakes but in reality it's not all that great for everyday purposes. It does significantly clear up area in your engine bay, and allows your Honda engine swap to be the centerpiece of your build.

Perfect for a Honda Civic or Acura Integra brake line tuck or when you are performing a engine wire tuck, this mod can really clear off your firewall. Combine this piece with a BLOX master cylinder to really complete the look.

This delete kit is manufactured from Billet AL6061, and is sold in either anodized black or silver. The bolt holes are sunken to provide a flush fitment and all the hardware is stainless steel. 

This component does not include the Honda Master cylinder.

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