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ACT Heavy Duty Clutches

The ACT Heavy Duty clutch kit is designed to be a "Stage 1" clutch kit. It offers much more holding power than the stock clutch, and can take much more abuse as well. The ACT Heavy Duty does offer a heavier pedal feel than stock. Some people do like this, while others do not. We tend to find people who get used to the heavier pedal feel of the ACT Heavy Duty Clutch say they never want to go back to a softer clutch again. 

The clutch offers great feedback and response, and puts the driver in a great race position. Sometimes this clutch kit is referred to as an ACT 2100. This designation was originally brought up by the DSM crowd (Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser), who referred to this clutch as the ACT 2100, because it offered a 2100lb pressure plate. ACT does not use these designations, and this clutch is known as the Heavy Duty.

We recommend the ACT Heavy Duty clutch kit to anyone who has a completely stock car, all the way to the basic bolt ons. For a Acura Integra or a Honda Civic, we would recommend this clutch for up to full intake, exhaust, and possibly a low boost forced induction system. If you have more modifications, or race your car a lot, we suggest the ACT Xtreme Duty Clutch Kit.

ACT Heavy Duty Clutch kits are in stock at Pro Street and shipped with flat rate shipping to the lower 48 states. The Heavy Duty clutch can also go by the name 2100 lb clutch kit by some customers, and it's very popular for drag racers and drifters alike. The ability to install a bolt on clutch with no hassle engagement is appealing for a very low cost. 
Same day flat rate shipping to the lower 48 states.

How To Read ACT Clutch part numbers
XX1 - Y2
"XX refers to the make, such as AI or MB" - the second half of the ACT part number will tell you what kind of disc is in your ACT Clutch.
The digit R refers to rigid, or without springs to assist in engagement.
The digit G is for sprung puck discs.

This can assist a little with the engagement of the puck disc in your clutch kit, but we don't recommend it for everyone, especially daily drivers.

The digit S means Street disc and the M digit is the modified street disc.
In some cases this disc may not be available depending on your make or model.
If the part number ends in a number, your clutch kit is a puck design with the number 4 referring to 4 puck or 4 pad and 6.
John Shepherd, Shep Racing
"Proven on the track and on the street... ACT has provided us with exceptional clutches since 1995... Why use anyone else?"