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ACT Clutch and Flywheel

ACT Clutch kits are always in stock! Unlike our competitors, we sell ACT Clutch kits with ONLY GENUINE ACT recommended parts and part numbers. Do not accept offbrand or different throwout bearings, we sell only the best.

  • Clutch Kit and Flywheel Combos BEST BUY!
  • ACT Streetlite Flywheels
  • ACT Prolite Flywheels
  • ACT Sport Clutch
  • ACT Heavy Duty Clutch
  • ACT Xtreme Duty Clutch
  • ACT Pressure Plate
  • ACT Race Disc
  • ACT Clutch Alignment Tool
  • ACT Performance Pilot Bearing

  • ACT Clutch - Pictures

    What do you get with your ACT clutch kit from PSO PARTS - Pro Street?

  • High quality genuine ACT Pressure Plate
  • High quality genuine ACT Clutch Disc
  • ACT recommended throw out/pilot bearing
  • ACT recommended alignment tool
  • ACT general clutch installation instructions
  • The best prices, Fast deliverability!

    * Throw out/pilot bearing available where applicable

    Confused as to what everything means? Below we explain the different types of ACT Clutches, along with the combos we offer. We want you to make the right choice for your application. 

    The daddy of all ACT clutch kits! If you need holding power, you have found the right clutch. Not for the faint of heart, this clutch will handle most of what you throw at it, and keep asking for more. We love it!

    Newly released from our friends at ACT, these twin disc kits are the ultimate in aftermarket and performance clutch technology! Combined with ACT's high performance flywheel, these twin disc clutches are available in Heavy Duty, Xtreme and MaXX Xtreme flavors and combine a significant increase in clamping force with a moderate pedal effort increase.

    The new twin disc offerings from ACT just got serious with the Xtreme Duty Twin Disc Clutch Kit, providing superior torque ratings without the heavy pedal of many other clutch kits. The Xtreme Twin Disc clutch kit features a Heavy Duty pressure plate and two race discs, providing quick engagement and a dramatic increase in torque capacity with a stock-like increase in pedal effort. Clutch engagement with the Twin Disc is quick and harsh and not well suited for street use. SFI certification, ceramic friction materials and increased surface area, makes this clutch very durable for most race applications.

    Transfer power into motion with ACT heavy-duty twin disc clutch kits. For street or race use, these clutch kits feature a heavy-duty pressure plate and two street discs, providing a generous increase in torque capacity with very few tradeoffs. When it's time to get serious about your clutch, look no further than ACT's MAXX Xtreme Twin Disc Clutch Kits, now with Pro Street Online's LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!

    Looking for an amazing deal? We bring to you our own ACT Clutch Kit and Pro Street Flywheel combos! We use the famous ACT Heavy Duty clutch kit, and combine it with the street or race version of our own flywheel! Our flywheel has proven as great fit for the ACT clutch, and we have used it together for many years of stomping the competition! Our combos come complete with everything you need to replace your clutch assembly.

    Same combos as above, except these include the ACT Xtreme clutch for even more holding power. Look no futher, this is the clutch combo you will fall in love with!

    We are your #1 ACT Clutch Kit distributor!

    Damon Riggs, AEM Peformance Parts Engineer
    "I am a big fan of ACT Clutches. I owned a '92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD and installed an ACT Clutch after annihilating some other 'performance clutches. The AWD system really taxes the abilities of any clutch and the ACT clutch performed flawlessly. For that reason, I am installing an ACT Clutch in my current project car: an '85 Corolla GTS. I plan to road race the car in SCCA's ITA class and I am sure that the ACT Clutch will perform above my expectations."